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Cloned Apps That Could Infect Your Phone

SAMSUNG users need to avoid several apps on the Galaxy Store that could infect their devices, experts have warned over dodgy cloned apps.

Android Police’s Max Weinbach discovered a number of malicious apps on the Samsung Galaxy Store.

Samsung users should be on the lookout for the apps.

The apps are said to be clones of the Showbox movie piracy app.

When you try to install some of them, Google’s Play Protect warns you.

Others may attempt to infect your phone with malware.

The apps, according to Android Police, may install “riskware” or adware on your phone.

Adware can render your phone unusable if too many spam advertisements load and crash it.

Riskware is even more dangerous and can be used to steal data.

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Some of the spotted malicious apps are said to demand access to your contacts and call logs.

According to experts, the malware in the apps could be “weaponized.”

The apps have hundreds of reviews, and some users have even reported malware.

It is unknown how many have downloaded them.

We have contacted Samsung for comment.

Only download reputable apps from the App Store and Google Play Store to stay safe.

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