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You’ll learn how to load gift cards without paying in this article. To use a gift card, it must first be loaded and activated. Otherwise, you’re just dealing with a piece of useless plastic.

how to load a gift card without paying

You can load a gift card without paying if you have a loading account with a 100% discount that you apply to the card. If the gift card is stolen, you must lie to the cashier in order to load and activate the card.

You might want to fill a gift card without making a payment for a variety of reasons. It’s possible that you have a stolen gift card or that you wish to give away free-loaded gift cards as a promotion.

Can you load gift cards without buying them?

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You can load gift cards as a business or as a customer without purchasing them. As a company, you will apply any available discount to the gift card for promotional purposes or any other reason. You must be able to read the concealed codes behind the silver overlay concealing the activation code as a customer.

A gift card can be purchased using cash, a credit card, or a promotional code. When you load a card without paying for it, this means you have the cashier load the card while you walk away with it.

The cashier utilizes the Virtual Terminal for credit card payments, and the cashier receives cash from you for cash payments. You, on the other hand, do not wish to pay cash to load the gift card into your case. A firm will load your gift card without collecting money as a promotional item. This is usually done for a good cause. You can simply load a gift card, but you won’t be able to get away with it if you don’t want to pay for it.

Meanwhile, a cashier cannot use the POS to load any gift cards that are not provided by Squareup. Regardless, the money can be recorded at the point of sale. The cashier needs to do nothing more than create the gift card and apply a 100 percent discount so that they don’t have to pay anything for loading. After the clerk has loaded the card for free, you can use it just like any other paid gift card. However, because the gift card was previously loaded at a 100 percent discount, you will not have to pay for it this time.

How to Load Gift Cards Without Paying

A gift card can only be loaded and activated by the cashier, and this is done through their systems. You want to acquire access to their systems if a gift card isn’t already loaded and you can’t get the cashier to load and activate it. We will not consider it because it will be difficult and time consuming. The following are some options for loading a gift card without paying:

  • Ask the cashier to apply discount

I’ve already discussed how this works above. Gift cards are loaded at some stores as promotional freebies. As a result, you can take advantage of these offers to obtain a fully filled gift card without having to pay anything. The loaded amount is usually substantial, such as $40, although it can be higher.

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The cashier must create a 100 percent discount account, such as The cashier then inserts the gift card into their system like any other gift card and adds the 100 percent discount. They will not be charged for loading the card because of the 100 percent discount. Finally, they check out for $0, but the balance on the gift card remains the same.

Create multiple barcodes

You can duplicate a gift card that has already been loaded with money. The only requirement is that the barcodes be identical. So, if you have a gift card with identical barcodes, you can use the barcode to add money to any gift card before the owner does. This is not a simple task, which is why manipulating a loadable gift card is difficult.

  • Use a preactivated gift card

You may save the hassle by purchasing a gift card that has already been activated. Unfortunately, you’ll have to steal it or shoplift it to get it. This is made more difficult by the fact that you must keep a watch out for someone who has recently loaded their card. You can pickpocket it as if it were a watch or as if you were stealing an expensive item from a store. A preactivated gift card usually has monies placed on it. All you have to do now is utilize the gift card before the owner does.

  • Force the cashier to load it

You can also compel the cashier to accept it. This is theft, and it is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. You could face a variety of charges, including injuries caused by trauma or a physical altercation with the clerk. Unlike a shoplifting charge, getting out of this one might be more difficult.

Can you use a gift card if it is not loaded?

How can I buy a gift card without paying

If a gift card isn’t loaded, it can’t be used. Before a gift card can be used, it must be loaded with funds and activated after payment. You’re left with nothing but a useless piece of plastic otherwise. A value is assigned to a gift card that has been activated. It has no balance if it isn’t loaded, and it won’t operate on anything.

Meanwhile, you could still be prosecuted if you steal a gift card that isn’t filled with money. Of course, the expense of producing the gift card plastic is borne by the corporation.

Can you get away with stealing a loaded gift card?

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You can get away with swiping a gift card that is already loaded. The difficult aspect is obtaining a genuine gift card that has been loaded and cannot be traced. Visa and MasterCard gift cards are traceable, so you don’t want to use them unlawfully. Go for the store gift cards, which function similarly to a $20 bill found on the ground. The owner of an untraceable gift card will be unable to locate you if it is stolen. If it’s loaded, just utilize it before they do.

Final Thoughts

Despite the fact that most techniques will work, do not compel a cashier to load a gift card and then flee with it. It is worthless since the cashier will not activate it. It’s simple: the cashier cancels the purchase, and you’re left with nothing but the useless plastic.