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Get Free Internet Without Data Plan Android or Wifi

Free Internet: In today’s society, it’s difficult to imagine life without the internet because it allows us to compete for a variety of sophisticated activities. The advantages of the internet are numerous. When we become overly reliant on it and are unable to access it due to a variety of factors, it can be extremely distressing. For online searches, mobile data uses 3G/4G. The 5G network is now available to make communication more easier.

You’ve probably heard that by utilizing specific methods, people can use the internet for free. Well, if you know how to obtain free internet without a data plan for Android or Wifi, you’ll be able to solve a lot of your problems. You will learn a lot more about this issue in this excellent post.

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How to Get Free Internet Without Data Plan Android or Wifi Service?

VPN for android free internet

When you use public wifi, it’s an open invitation to hackers, who can easily monitor your internet activities while you’re connected. As a result, it is preferable to avoid utilizing public Wi-Fi. It would be beneficial if you connected to the secured Wi-Fi. Using VPN software is the greatest approach to get free internet.

Millions of people are enjoying free Tiktok Unlimited internet by using VPN apps.

How to Use VPN to Get Free Internet Without Data Plan Android or Wifi?

A virtual private network (VPN) is the full form of the term. You can use the VPN program to connect, and then you won’t be charged anything for browsing the internet.

This technology is used to do anonymous surfing.

Android Free Internet Hack

The VPN serves as a buffer and secures your sensitive data.

It offers a layered system of protection in which it plugs many security holes, which keeps you safe while you surf online.

There are many free internet apps.

VP providers now give apps that you can download for free, install, and use to access the internet quickly.

VPN programs may be used in a variety of ways to circumvent regional internet restrictions, surf anonymously online, and get around firewalls.

The VPN encrypts your internet traffic and masks your identity by tunneling it through its server.

You may also improve your gaming experience by using the best free gaming VPN.

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Before you begin utilizing free VPN internet for Android, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • On your phone, there should be an active data plan with no balance. This is because any data balance you have will be depleted as soon as you connect to the internet.
  • The methods described here are compatible with all Android versions, but it is recommended that you have at least Android version 4 or higher on your phone.

VPN for Android Free Internet

Some excellent apps of the sort are:

Droid VPN

To use the Droid VPN app for free internet, follow the steps below.

  • Install the app after downloading it from the Google Play Store.
  • Use your email address, username, and password to sign up for the app.
  • Go to the ‘connection setting,’ then to the ‘connection protocol,’ then to the ‘TCP connection.’
  • Then, by clicking the ‘HTTP header’ and checking the box, you may nable the HTTP header.
  • Type “” in the custom HTTP headers.
  • Then press the OK button.
  • Then, launch the Droid VPN app.
  • From there, choose an available connection.
  • Connect by pressing the connect button.
  • Now that you’re connected to this VPN, you may relax and enjoy your online experience.

Download Droid VPN


SSH2.0 and other existing connection protocols are used by HA Tunnel Plus. With SSH2.0, all traffic between the client and the server is encrypted. Customizing the start of the connection (we call it injection) with written connection text (HTTP standard or any other) or configuring an SNI to execute handshaking with the server is available through the application.

This is extremely handy for circumventing limits set by internet service providers or any network that you are connected to. The application assigns a randomly generated ID to each user in order for them to connect to the server. The connection method settings can be imported and exported. The configuration file has the.hat extension and is an encrypted text file that contains all of the information that was defined prior to exporting it.

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You can specify a message for who imports and lock it so that the method setting is not visible or editable when exported. Any connection protocol, including TCP, UDP, ICMP, and IGMP, can be used.

Download Ha Tunnel Plus

Wire Tun is a network tunneling utility used to bypass geographical based restriction on access to sites /services which are available on the other side of glob by being highly anonymous and random.
This VPN is built to match high flexibility/configurable to by pass firewalls yet remaining very simple to use

Wire Tun 1.1.6 APK + Mod (Free purchase) for Android Latest
Android version:5.0 and up
Developer:Wire Tun Network


Wire Tun 1.1.6 APK + Mod (Free purchase) for Android

APP INFO:Free purchase

How To Install Wire Tun

  • Installation steps:

If you have previously installed Wire Tun, you must first uninstall it.Then, you follow a link given on our website, to download an official Wire Tun APK.After completing the download, locate and install the apk file.To install programs from sources other than the Play Store, you must enable “Unknown sources.”Then you can launch and enjoy Wire APK for unlimited free Internet Acess.
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Is Wire Tun Safe?

Wire Tun Mod is completely safe because it was checked by our Anti-Malware platform and no viruses were found. AOL Active Virus Shield, avast!, AVG, Clam AntiVirus, and other antivirus programs are available on the platform. Our anti-malware engine filters and classifies programs based on our criteria. As a result, installing Wire Tun APK through our website is completely risk-free.

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Wire Tun 1.1.6 APK + Mod (Free purchase) for Android



  • The biggest advantage of FLY VPN is that it does not require installation on your Android device.
  • Select VPN from the wireless and network section of the settings menu.
  • By clicking the plus sign and the symbol in the top right corner, you can add a new VPN.
  • Choose the name you want to use.
  • Then enter the server address for your country.
  • Save after selecting ‘PPP encryption (MPEE)’.
  • Then click FLYVPN to connect.
  • Use your username and password to log in.
  • Connect by clicking the connect button.

Download Fly VPN

Troid VPN

  • Open the TROID VPN app after downloading and installing it.
  • From the app, select any free server.
  • Choose a TCP port.
  • 443 is the Rport value, and 0 is the Lport value.
VPN for android free internet
  • Now you may access the advanced options.
  • Select ‘Use proxy for TCP connection’ and then fill in the following information.
  • Add the port 3128 to the mix.
  • or will be the proxy host.
  • Host: will be the host.
  • Connect after saving the settings by pressing the save button.

Download Troid VPN


  • Get the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • At this point, you’ll need to be connected to the internet via 3G/4G. As a result, turn on your mobile internet.
  • After that, open the SKYVPN apps and select Connect.
Fly VPN interface
  • You may now surf without using the free internet, and there is no need to be concerned if the connection fails. You can try connecting again after changing the country server.

Download Sky VPN

Feat VPN

For server configuration, Feat VPN uses configuration files. As a result, the server configuration files are available for download.

  • Get the FeatVPN app and install it.
  • Tap the setup button after launching the app, and then execute it.
  • The software will next run some tests to ensure your device’s compatibility with the FEAT VPN.
  • Tap the exit button once all tests have been successfully completed.
  • Then, under the Tunnels tab, tap the ADD button to add a VPN connection.
  • Select load in the configuration options, and then select the configuration files you downloaded previously.
  • eturn to the previous screen by pressing the back button.
  • The server is now visible as a VPN tunnel.
  • Select the VPN tunnel you built.
  • Then an attempt will be made to establish a connection.
  • You will be prompted to enter your credentials.
  • After you’ve entered your credentials, click OK.
  • The VPN status will then be displayed as connected.

Download Feat VPN

Disconnecting From the VPN

Disconnecting from the VPN is a simple and uncomplicated operation.

  1. When you connect to the VPN, there will be a notification of ‘VPN activated’ in your notification drawer.
  2. To disconnect from it, tap that notification,
  3. Then tap disconnect.

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Get Unlimited Free Internet Access on Any Network

Get Unlimited Free Internet Access on Any Network Worldwide

Everyone wants to have unlimited free internet access. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and read all possible ways to get free access to a network.

Method 01: Visit Restaurants or Hotels

Everyone desires unrestricted free internet access. So, what are you holding out for? Continue reading to learn about all of the different methods for obtaining free network access.

Method 02: Track Wi-Fi Connection Using Wi-Fi Map

Wi-Fi map is a free website and software that monitors free Wi-Fi hotspots across the world. The program makes use of the internet, but once linked, it is completely free. It is available in both the app store and the play store; simply search Wi-Fi map: find internet and VPN and you are good to go.

Method 03: Facebook’s Find Wi-Fi Feature

Find W-Fi is a Facebook tool that allows you to search for internet connections in your area. To enable this functionality, follow these steps:

  • Install Facebook if you don’t already have one. Make an account
  • By clicking on the three lines, you can access the menu.
  • Navigate to Settings and Privacy (both iPhone and Android)
  • Locate Privacy Shortcuts and select Manage Your Location Settings.
  • Press Locate and activate Wi-Fi.

Free Internet for Tablet Without Wi-Fi

The internet has become the most important part of our lives. We are almost addicted to it and cannot imagine a single day without it.

It has become our necessity and fast internet makes life cool and relaxing. Though it is difficult to afford reliable internet. So, let us tell you some ways to get free internet for tablets.

Method 01: Try to Use a Dongle

The internet dongle is an optional equipment that may be purchased to connect your tablet to the internet. The dongle connects to the laptop via Bluetooth or a cable that connects in USB type C or micro-USB.

This dongle is really simple to use. Connect it to the ethernet cord and the tablet via Bluetooth or wire. It will provide you with an effective and dependable internet connection in the absence of Wi-Fi.

Method 02: Using Hotspot

A mobile internet connection that serves as Wi-Fi for other devices is known as a hotspot. It’s not free and requires a data subscription, but it’s really fast and dependable.

Go to your phone’s internet settings, switch to another wireless connection, and enable the hotspot. Now, turn on your tablet’s Wi-Fi and connect it to your phone’s internet.

Method 03: Use Data SIM

Sim card support is built into several tablets. You can insert any data SIM card without the use of a cable or dongle.

It is the simplest method of connecting to the internet in a tablet without Wi-Fi, however not all tablets have the SIM attachment feature. If your tablet supports this capability, all you have to do is insert a SIM card and turn on a data connection.

Final Words

You now understand how to access free internet without a data plan on an Android or Wifi service. It will greatly assist you in browsing and completing your online job when you do not have access to wifi or a data plan.

Furthermore, the VPN connection is secure because it encrypts the user data.

VPN for Android free internet is simple to install and use.

One care you should take when utilizing this method is to continuously changing ports because your ISP will be looking for you, and if your maximum limit is reached, your access may be stopped.

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